The Big Dealership Squeeze of Spring 2024.

The automotive industry is no stranger to economic turmoil. In 2008, the world witnessed a global financial crisis that rocked the auto industry and forced several car manufacturers and dealerships to shut down. While the industry has recovered in recent years, we believe that another financial crisis is looming, and the car dealership space will […]

Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships in 2024

Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships in 2024 As an Automotive Company or Dealer, your goal is to reach more customers, sell cars, maintain a competitive edge, and expand your business. However, we live in a time when accessibility is becoming increasingly difficult. Your automotive digital marketing strategies should motivate potential car buyers. Your staff members […]

Why independent dealers need to prepare for a slower 2024

Not very many vendors have been discussing the shift in customer profile & sentiment that’s been seen at many dealerships across the country.   It’s better to claim ignorance than to take the blinders off and focus on the facts, which are quite daunting. However, reality is beginning to set fourth in for many family […]

What’s going on in the car market? September 2022

What’s going on in the car market? September 2022 So we just ended a worldly pandemic, and are about to exit what his plagued the automotive industry for over two years now, the chip shortage. If you’ve been living under a rock, you wouldn’t of heard of such a thing. However, if you work in […]

What are Auto Leads?

Before independent car dealers were a big thing, people would have to go directly to the manufacture to buy a brand new vehicle, of course if you knew anyone with a used vehicle for sale, that could be a great way to purchase one as well. But with the automotive industry exploding, and demand for […]

Marketing for Car Dealers – The Hard Truth

Auto Leads, Subprime Auto Leads, and Buyback Leads

  The truth about marketing for car dealers is – it can be an expensive mistake, and unnecessary. You might have to pay for ads, content creation, training somebody for the position, or maybe you’ve outsourced it to a Marketing Agency. Or perhaps you’re buying lead lists you have no ownership or control over. Whatever […]

Automotive Digital Marketing – 10 Secrets in 10 Minutes!

People looking for new car deals in newspapers are a story from the past! It was some 15 or 20 years ago that unattractive ads were placed in papers to buy or sell a car. Today the world of buying and selling, be it a car or any other thing, has moved into a digital […]

Car Dealership Marketing Ideas – Affordable & Effective

The car dealership marketing ideas listed below will help you hone your dealers online and offline visibility. Think of this as a cheat sheet – sorta like spark notes for dealership marketing. 1. Use Automotive Lead Nurturing Campaigns to Reach the Right Audience Most dealerships have moderate branding and promotion budgets, but it is not […]

The Rise & Fall of the American Car Dealership

The rise of the car dealership model has been a boon for the automotive industry. In recent years, stimulus checks and other factors have led to an increase in the number of people buying cars. However, saving money on a car purchase is still a top priority for many consumers. This is where the current […]

Car Buyer Leads: How to Generate and Convert More Sales

Car buyer leads are essential for any automotive dealership looking to increase sales and revenue. These leads are potential customers who have shown interest in purchasing a car, making them valuable prospects for dealerships. Generating high-quality leads is a crucial aspect of automotive marketing, and it requires a strategic approach to achieve success. At Arbor […]