What are Auto Leads?

Before independent car dealers were a big thing, people would have to go directly to the manufacture to buy a brand new vehicle, of course if you knew anyone with a used vehicle for sale, that could be a great way to purchase one as well. But with the automotive industry exploding, and demand for […]

Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships in 2023

As an Automotive Company or Dealer, your goal is to reach more customers, sell cars, maintain a competitive edge, and expand your business. However, we live in a time when accessibility is becoming increasingly difficult. Your automotive digital marketing strategies should motivate potential car buyers. Your staff members should actively support your brand to assist […]

Car Dealership Marketing Ideas – Affordable & Effective

For any car dealership, an automotive marketing campaign is necessary. If a car dealership correspondingly can promote itself effectively, it will have a consistent amount of car sales & hopefully higher-than-average sales volume. If a dealership fails to employ all of these automotive marketing strategies correctly, it could make a break your dealerships longevity (frankly). […]

Automotive Digital Marketing – 10 Secrets in 10 Minutes!

People looking for new car deals in newspapers are a story from the past! It was some 15 or 20 years ago that unattractive ads were placed in papers to buy or sell a car. Today the world of buying and selling, be it a car or any other thing, has moved into a digital […]

Marketing for Car Dealers – The Hard Truth

The truth about marketing for car dealers is – it can be an expensive mistake, and unnecessary. You might have to pay for ads, content creation, training somebody for the position, or maybe you’ve outsourced it to a Marketing Agency. Or perhaps you’re buying lead lists you have no ownership or control over. Whatever the […]