The Big Dealership Squeeze of Spring 2023.

The automotive industry is no stranger to economic turmoil. In 2008, the world witnessed a global financial crisis that rocked the auto industry and forced several car manufacturers and dealerships to shut down. While the industry has recovered in recent years, we believe that another financial crisis is looming, and the car dealership space will […]

The Rise & Fall of the American Car Dealership

The rise of the car dealership model has been a boon for the automotive industry. In recent years, stimulus checks and other factors have led to an increase in the number of people buying cars. However, saving money on a car purchase is still a top priority for many consumers. This is where the current […]

The Auto Loan Crisis of 2022

The pandemic has changed how consumers buy products, services, and just about everything under the sun. Just about every industry has been affected, from manufacturing all the way to membership businesses like gyms, salons, and things of the sort. However, there’s a new pandemic on the verge of changing the economic climate for the next […]